AWS Support: The Benefits of Outsourcing

AWS Support: The Benefits of Outsourcing

Amazon Web Services, more commonly referred to as AWS, is a major part of running an online company. AWS Support includes many valuable tools and services; depending on the plan you pay for, you can get technical account management, training, third-party software support, and much more. That said, the level of AWS Support you need for a large business enterprise is very expensive; massive percentages of your overall profit will be lost. And while AWS Support does include many useful cloud services, that’s a hefty price for any company to pay.

AWS Support Breakdown

But what if you don’t actually need every single service AWS Support offers? Why spend money that you don’t need? That’s where outsourcing comes in. Rather than paying huge sums of money for AWS Support in its entirety, you can pay outsourcing companies or freelancers to do all that complex cloud engineering for you. These are teams and individuals with expertise in AWS, whether it’s cloud engineering, infrastructure, AWS consulting, and more. And while it may sound a little risky to trust the success of your company to third-party teams and individuals, outsourcing AWS tasks can have many benefits for your IT department.

AWS Support Plans

Potential Financial Savings

AWS Price and AWS Packages comparison

Naturally, when it comes to the outsourcing market, different groups will charge different prices. If you’re not careful, you could end up paying some third party more money than you would have paid for the full AWS package yourself. But as you can see above, the price of the best AWS plan from Amazon is pretty substantial, and most outsourcing companies and freelancers will charge significantly less than that; after all, undercutting the price tag of an AWS package is the main draw for new clients. But outsourcing some of your AWS functions can indirectly save money as well, often by cutting down on your IT expenses. Less staff and equipment on your end means less money spent.

Acquire Skilled AWS Personnel Immediately

There are many facets of AWS Support and cloud engineering in general. Whether it’s infrastructure or consulting, these are skillsets, and they take time to learn. If the employees in your company haven’t undergone enough training yet to handle all of these responsibilities and tasks efficiently, your company will suffer until they are capable. Unless of course, you outsource those roles to freelancers or another company. By doing so, you acquire the skills of capable individuals immediately, which allows your company to take care of its crucial functions right away. It also gives your own employees time to train and learn the ropes, meaning you may be able to outsource less and less core functions as time goes on.

Cloud Engineering and Adaptation to an Ever-Changing Environment

If you have any personal experience with AWS or just cloud engineering as a whole, you know that the environment is always changing. New tools, features, and resources are cropping up all the time, and a business based in the cloud has to adapt quickly to these constant changes. A great bonus of outsourcing your AWS workload is the fact that many of the companies or freelancers you outsource to have experienced many of these shifts in the cloud environment over the years. Not only are they accustomed to adapting to these new changes with swiftness, but they are often aware of just how to adapt to a new cloud environment for the greatest degree of efficiency. Remember, these outsourcing companies make their living by knowing their way around AWS. It’s quite literally the only thing they do, and that experience comes with the benefits we listed above and many more.

In short, outsourcing AWS consulting and AWS support, or even just certain facets of it, can have great benefits for your company. Need experienced people on your team right away? Want to pay less money for these services overall? Or maybe you want trusted individuals that have been around the block when it comes to cloud engineering? These are far from the only benefits you can get from outsourcing AWS services, but frankly, they may be some of the best.

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