What is Plesk?

What is Plesk?

Plesk Control Panel for Web Hosting

You may have heard of Plesk prior to now, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you know what it is. This article will briefly explain what Plesk is, and why it is beneficial to use.

Put simply, Plesk is a web-based control panel, used to manage hundreds or even thousands of virtual hosts on one server. It includes a wide array of tools that allow one to manage all of their websites from one place, performing crucial tasks such as managing DNS autoresponders, creating FTP accounts, adding domains, and much more. Because Plesk is such an important component of shared hosting, it is generally included for free in the majority of web hosting plans. It is compatible with both Linux and Windows systems, and is an excellent way for those unfamiliar with website management to learn the ropes. There are many reasons it is so beginner friendly, which we’ll cover shortly.

Reliable Security

When you are running a large number of virtual hosts on one server, security is especially important, since one virus could affect them all. But Plesk knows this, and does everything it can to keep things secure. It is almost incessantly making use of Fail2ban software in order to find and eliminate malicious files and viruses. Plesk also lets you ban IPs that you know belong to hackers, and the rules for the firewall are completely customizable. Plesk even uses its own SSL to encrypt the control panel itself. In short, Plesk takes all the steps needed to keep your virtual hosts safe.

Simple to Use Interface

The best part about Plesk is how easy it makes it to conduct administrative website tasks. Many of the most important tasks can be carried out in just a few clicks. For instance, the one-click installation tool makes it extremely easy to install a CMS on a website, which includes things like WordPress. There’s even a toolkit for WordPress that lets you easily manage your plugins and addons. The control panel can be customized so that it prioritizes things you use, and an integrated search function makes it easy to find things you need. And if you need multiple people to have access to Plesk, you can create lower level accounts with specified permissions to use it.

Website Creation

There are many ways to go about creating a website, but Plesk includes a very simple way of doing so, with drag and drop tools that make it easy to create a website even if one has no real experience in doing that. It even comes with dozens of templates and skins so you can easily make a website in whatever image you desire.

Mobile Monitoring

With Plesk, you can monitor your server from your mobile device. Obviously, this means you can keep an eye on things even when you are away from the server center. It’ll even inform you of when there are errors with server, and let you address them from your mobile device.

In short, Plesk is an excellent website control panel that makes it easy to carry out shared hosting, whether you are doing that on Linux or Windows. With its many tools, managing all of your server administrative duties are a simple matter, and it benefits both new and experienced individuals.

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